Creative Content

Does your business actively update its blog, create posts for social media platforms and send well-crafted emails? Great! That is the foundation of content marketing. Producing quality content has become more and more important as Google refines its search criteria in an effort to shut down traffic-grabbing content mills. Creative content marketing can help your business stand out, if you approach this tactic correctly. Essentially, creative content marketing is all about providing people with the type of content they’re craving, something they haven’t seen before. Focus on brand leadership, storytelling and customer engagement and your marketing campaign will be a success that other businesses talk about. Here are some ideas on how to do it.

Establish Brand Leadership

When you think about the world’s most popular fast food restaurant, McDonald’s pops to mind. Top soda seller? Coca-Cola. Authoritative newspaper? The New York Times. These companies are all brand leaders. They have established such a great product, and done such a phenomenal job marketing it, that everyone else in the field is a distant second. Although it would be next to impossible for a company to emulate the success of those brands, each of these corporate powerhouses understand that creative content marketing is essential to properly promoting a brand.

Be Creative and Tell a Story

To gain buzz, you have to create something that’s interesting and different. Smart marketers are able to take boring information and turn it into a sensational narrative involving characters, conflict and a cleverly hidden call-to-action.

It’s a fact: almost every buyer persona loves a good story.

Let’s look at Nike’s digital storytelling tactic. The Nike “Make It Count” storyline was created by a rogue director who spent his entire budget travelling through 13 countries in 10 days. The budget was initially dedicated to making a movie promoting Nike FuelBand. Instead, the director and his movie-making friend travelled around the world filming their adventures. The tagline “make it count” was meant to inspire customers to do whatever it takes to live a life worthwhile – while wearing the Nike FuelBand. The campaign was successful because it appealed to the adventurous troublemaker in us all. Nike managed to connect and engage their audience by using a message that was empowering and inspiring. Now, not every business has the movie-making budget of Nike. That is not the point. The takeaway of this campaign is to strive for innovation. Nike didn’t know they were paying for two guys to travel around the world. However, the inspired idea of an off-book director made this campaign a success, not its budget.