Video Animation

Video speaks more than any other form or medium. On Facebook alone, video adverts rate 95% more than any other form of advert. Motion graphics has taken over still graphics. In fact, just this year alone from January to April, we made over 600,000 making animated videos for clients.

Now over the years, lots of people have wanted to venture into video animation but they face certain challenges, such as expensive software, cheap software is hard to use etc. Well, times have changed, there tools that help you make videos as easy as ABC. It’s very simple and can be started from your house but make plans to grow.

Procedure on how to start

First, go to V-connect or any online directory, find lists of companies in Nigeria, get their names and phone numbers, 200 for a start.

Then get an airtel line. Load it with N500, dial *234*500# it will give you N2500.

Now, call the clients and introduce yourself and your company. Tell them you can make a video for their company and they don’t need to pay until they see the video and if they like the video, they can then pay.

Most will agree, so you get them to send their contents (materials & info about them & their products) on WhatsApp, do the video, watermark it with your number and logo so they can’t use it, then you send back to them through WhatsApp.

Note: let your transactions be done through WhatsApp, it’s easier & saves you a lot of stress.

If they like it, they call you to remove the watermark, make sure they pay before you remove the water mark.

With that 2500 airtime, you can call up to 50 numbers. It’s not possible that you reach out to 50 prospective clients and 10 won’t oblige you. If 10 agrees and let’s say you charge 5000 per video that will be 5000 x 10 daily.