Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is by far the best and most efficient social media tool, then IMO and it’s very simple. First, get your contacts.

You can buy WhatsApp contacts, and then load them on your phone. You need to have an android phone with at least 1 GB ram and at least 2 GB internal memory space depending on the size of file you want to import.

The more numbers you have, the better your chances. It makes sense to have many numbers because most times it’s a game of numbers. Once you have done that, you can decide to send it to 256 at once because WhatsApp will only let you send to 256 at once, but to be safe only send 150 at once to avoid being banned. For soft work you can buy the sender, it sends 1000 at once.

The advantage of the numbers is that most of them too will be on IMO so its double opportunity and for IMO, there is no limit and no restriction for now. It is impossible to send a message to 100,000 people on WhatsApp and not get at least 10% response especially if the content is good.

Bear in mind that almost everyone who has an android phone has WhatsApp. WhatsApp has great audience and you get instant responses either positive or negative, at least you will know they are getting your messages.