Everything You Need to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

01Oct, 2019

Digital marketing is seen as the holy grail of online marketing because of its ability to get more reach, more result with limited time and resources. Sadly I still hear a lot of people complain of how it does not work. Realistically speaking 80% of your potential clients are already using one form of digital gadget or another, the problem very often has been lack of qualitative information as to how to go about it. Having been in the industry for over 10 years now I have had my fair share of failed attempts and also successful campaigns. Permit me to take you on this marketing transforming journey as I crave your indulgence to show you the things that you must do to build a purpose driven and successful Digital Marketing Company.

  1. Before you go ahead to start a digital marketing company it’s very important you create a digital marketing business plan. A digital marketing plan helps you plan and see the future. Most people will ask what does a digital marketing business plan look like?

Well this is just a template to follow but it is about the best business plan out there you can use when starting any online business. it makes you see the whole business from a vantage point-from conceptualization, to execution, all the way to projections on returns on investment (ROI) . So my candid advice would be that you get this business plan and edit it to suit your specific purpose. Below this post is a button were you can access the business plan kit for those who might be interested (as I expect that anyone who is embarking on this journey who currently doesn’t have one ought to be interested). Okay! now that you have your business plan template, the next thing will be to pick a name you would like to call your agency make sure it sounds nice***winks*** it’s not necessary to have your name in it and should be kept simple. Always works.

2. Next you need a website, you can’t have a digital marketing agency and not have a website, common! Who does that!!! People would always ask you for your website, besides, a website saves you the energy of talking too much on what you do, you just direct them to your website. Most people just build a regular informative website, because you are a digital marketing agency your website should be both informative and interactive, make sure you have all your services highlighted but must of all make sure you have a blog, now you would ask why a blog? Most digital marketing agencys make the first mistake of not having a blog; a blog is the fastest way to keep people connected to your brand, you should have at least 3 blog posts per month at least. Make sure your website is very simple and has good user experience so that when visitors come they can find their way around. A landing page with directions will be helpful let me show what I mean

Something like this helps you navigate rather than get lost with the many things on the site. Once again keep it simple.

3. Now its time to learn the skill. Don’t be deceived, a two day to 1 week seminars cannot help. Digital marketing is very deep and changes every day. if you want to survive here in the industry, get a mentor that really knows what he is doing. If you want to take classes but you don’t know where to get cheap classes, I complied over a 100 videos that captured everything you need to know and how to do a lot of things from Facebook pages to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, ad words and the best videos that train you on everything from dummy to pro’ and its hands on. This videos are just enough to get you started and included are masters class videos. Stop paying through your nose, all the videos you need are in the package. You will find that they come in handy, believe me, and will help you to start off in the right direction. If you seek further assistance, you can always call or chat me up on Whatsapp, my number  and contact details are attached in the package compiled. After watching, I promise you will become a master.  You can have a sneak peek at some of the videos here ; they are also included in the package. You can watch to see how deep the training goes, module by module. It’s an absolute must-see. Check out one of the video below.

4. A good service brochure price list will be very necessary so that when people ask you for how much you charge for a service you can just send them your service brochure price list and they can make their decisions quickly. It will be great to make two or three different ones with different prices so you can give different clients different list based on their needs and also based on their status. You might want to have an idea of what am talking about, below is a sample from a friend.

You can have something like the above for all your services, so that the person you are talking with have a visual idea of your prices. You might just have a soft copy, of course if you want a copy of a template for this I will be adding it to the package. Some other documents you will be needing are engagement letter which covers what you will doing for the client and what the client will be expecting. This should be properly documented before you proceed to doing any job to avoid disagreement. I will also be attaching this in the package, also a business profile properly done. See a sample below.

This will reduce the entire question about you or your company. I will be attaching this also with the package. In general, you need like 7 documents, there is no much space to post them all but I will definitely add them to the package.

5. Budgeting: there is no specific budget for a digital marketing agency. Everything is dependent on how big you want to go but I would always advice to start properly. A lot of people will say I want to start small, small is relative but know that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. Invest in tools you can cut corners with that. Tools help you reduce overhead so don’t make the mistake of down-playing it, invest in leads, the true worth of a digital marketing agency is the amount of leads it has. Its okay to start from a co-working place then grow. Create good social presence because your clients are there.

6.  You need to have good social media presence because you know most of your clients are there, and it also helps create social proof. Create groups, no social media platform is more important than the other. Because you are an agency that will be helping brands advertise, you will be needing a social media strategy board, yeah! For newbies this might sound alien, check out the images below to understand what I mean.

Okay, so there are more on the social media strategy board but just posted this three the rest are included in package.

Just a tip “Now digital marketing is quite a big sector, you decide where you would rather focus your energy but bear in mind that a good marketing agency should be able to help clients market their products well and you never can tell where your major clients will come from, so just know a bit of each area even though you want to specialize. Also, having a good relationship with colleagues in the field will help you grow well, don’t join the bunch of know-it-all guys. To grow in the industry, you will need help once in while so learn to keep good relationships with colleagues, you will need to outsource many times”.

Few social media services you can offer:

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Selling Digital Products

and many others you can have multiple services you run i have a more detailed list.

7. Next, invest in tools. Digital marketing is dependent on the tools, the more tools you have the better for you and the stronger you become. You can actually sell tools and you can use tools, either way you don’t lose. Invest heavily on tools but smartly. In the package, I put together over 100 digital marketing tools and assets. A crafts man without his tools is like having a car without fuel, nothing works. Having tools and leads will largely increase productivity but then these tools and leads can be very expensive to acquire and can be difficult to get and even use, so to that effect, I put together over 100 top digital marketing tools and over 80 million leads from email address to phone numbers divided into various sectors that every digital marketing agency needs. Most people don’t know the importance of leads, the video above shows how to use leads, and create custom audiences. So I have put all these together to help you start and grow to become a top digital marketing agency.

You get the package at a token of N2000 only, which is all you need to become a Pro’ if followed judiciously. My contact is attached with the package so you can reach me if you have any questions or further assistance. Click on the button below to claim yours. Thank you for reading.

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